Sunday, June 26, 2011

July 28, 2011: "Mysteries, Thrillers and the New World of Indie Publishing"
My signature reading and talk @ Mason Library, Great Barrington, MA, 6:30pm.
I'll be reading from Stepford, USA and from the upcoming thriller The Gold Train
and answering questions about the exciting new world of Indie publishing.

July 9, 2011: I'll be reading from Stepford, USA @ The Silent Muse, New Paltz, NY, 3pm.

Stepford USA @
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Also available on  Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo. Coming soon to EZRead and other e-book stores!

And Coming Soon! LadaRay You Tube Channel!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I just moved to a new house. And as it always is with such things, one has a lot to redecorate, change and improve at the new place in order to suit one's needs. So, as I was meditating on the decor of my dining room, and my writing room, and my bedroom, I also, along the way, somehow started thinking about how to redecorate my blog.
For starters, I changed The title. Now it's "LadaRay World," not "LadaRay Word." I kinda like it. Then, I changed colors and background design (like, five times already.) Finally settled on the birds and the lavender color. After all, birds carry good messages and they are definitely good feng shui. In this case, they'll spread the WORD about LadaRay World. Hmmm....  I think, I like it!
Now, about the content. The new and improved LadaRay World will concentrate on things I am an expert on and/or very passionate about: Feng Shui, Spirituality, Finance, World Events and, naturally, Writing and Publishing.
Big and varied agenda, but why not?

Hope you like it!
See you all soon again on this page!