Thursday, April 7, 2011

Humbled & Inspired

I look at other indie writers' accomplishments: the powerhouse Amanda Hocking, who sold 1 million books (!) and has 19 titles (and I may not have the latest numbers) to her name. Karen McQuestion (and by the way, Karen, what a great name for an author!) who has six books published, five of them already under contract with AmazonEncore (bravo, Karen!) and one of them optioned for film (bravo, again!) And a sweet and modest mom, Victorine Lieske, who recently passed a milestone of 90,000 books on Kindle (congrats, Vicki!), having been on Kindle bestseller list with one single book - an almost impossible feat!

So, I look at all these wonderful women and I am very humbled... But also, very inspired!
Time to go back to the drawing board and write, write, write.

So far, so good. Tsar's Gold, second book in the Jade Snow Mystery Series is shaping up nicely and ahead of schedule.
Also, working on Book Of Predictions 1 - The Last Empire.
Hopefully, will have some very good news about both in May and June!

Below are links to the Kindle superstars' blogs:
Karen McQuestion's Blog
Victorine Lieske's Blog
Amanda Hocking's Blog

Till the next post,



  1. Thanks for the link, Lada, and for the compliment on my name, which I acquired via marriage. Kind of a sweet deal for me--I got a great guy and a cool name at the same time.

    The best of luck with your books! Mysteries are really popular and so are series, so you're in a very good place.

  2. Thanks, Karen, for you kind words! Husbands like that are keepers - I have one just like it at home (wink.)

    Great to hear from you!